The Story

The Wheedelphians are little people who live in a Wheeboost tree. Well. It used to be a Wheeboost tree. Oh man. Wheeboosts were the most delicious, most healthy, most bountiful fruit you could ever imagine. But one day, they stopped growing! The Wheedelphians did everything they could to bring the Wheeboosts back.


Some Wheedelphians did everything they could. Some of them gave up, or took naps or bit their nails or played games or got into giggling fits or looked off into the distance or did dishes.

So it was decided that the productive half of the city would continue working. And the other half? The nappers and nail-biters?

Well, they would be better served by watching the productive half! And taking notes! And the productive half would work even harder if they were being watched! And recorded! Genius!

So the town was divided in two:






At the age of 12, each subject is assigned to a minute-taker.  


In the nine hundred, eighty-one thousand and thirty-ninth minute of the twenty-third year A.W. (After Wheeboosts),

Fern is assigned to take the minutes of Merewald’s life.


And that is where our story begins.