The Experience

Ok, so your friend invited you to a performance of We the W(h)ee at their mansion/apartment/shack/house.

That means your friend has agreed to host a show. (Thanks friend!)

Here’s what to expect as a guest:

A one hour show, for children and adults alike (recommended for children 8+), performed in the living room of the host. With the lights down, our traveling set will transport you to the world of Wheedelphia. Don’t worry. We won’t make you participate just because we’re five feet away from you. You just get to sit back and enjoy the show!

After the performance, we will ask for donations to support our work, but the show is free to attend. We do rely on donations to make this play happen, so if you enjoy the show and are able to contribute, we hope you will do so.

When the show’s over, it’s party time! You can stay to hang out with your friends and with us!

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