Jo’s Top 5 Dogs


by Johanna Beach

As promised, here are my Top 5 Dogs from our tour. We easily met over 30 dogs during our travels through the southeast this summer, and I found refuge in their company when small talk with humans began to overwhelm me. Here are my standouts from the Summer 2017 We the W(h)ee tour. Apologies if your bestie didn’t make the cut…

1.     GAMBIT (dog of Jen in Atlanta) It’s hard to beat an Aussie puppy. Gambit was full of energy and spunk, and also took a liking to me. Something I admired about Gambit was his elevated sense of self. His older brother Atticus (honorable mention), is a 100+ lb labradoodle and the 12-week old Gambit still tried to take him on. I missed Gambit as soon as we left. I still miss Gambit.

2.     MAGGIE (dog of Alex and Sam in Charlotte) Of course the puppies made it to the top of the list. This 10-week old Golden Doodle was just as spunky as Gambit, but a little smaller, which made her easier to rock like a baby. Maggie, didn’t want to sit still much, but when I could occasionally get her to cuddle, it was extremely rewarding. Maggie, while almost identical to Barkley (dog of Colin and Maria in Atlanta), gave me the time of day, which sadly, Barkley did not. I also had more one-on-one time with Maggie, which gave her the leg up against Barkley, who I honestly felt kept from (didn’t Maria and Colin want Barkley to compete in my contest?).

3.     ZOE (dog of Jodi and Dan in Charleston) She’s blind and deaf and is the cutest thing there’s ever been and she doesn’t know she has anything wrong with her and how could she not be on this list.

4.     TANK (dog of Meredith in Louisville) Tank had EVERYTHING going for him; We dog sat for him for a week, so LOTS of quality bonding time. He is a King Charles Cavalier, which you may know is what our dog, Beanie, is. AND he crooks his head to one side when you speak to him because he has better hearing in that ear and is partially deaf in the other. The only reason Tank isn’t #1 is that he showed a slight, but noticeable, preference for my sister. Deadly mistake. Knocked him down to #4, that’s right.

5.     MILLIE (dog of Jennie in Winston- Salem) Millie is on this list to show that I do actually like big dogs, despite my other choices. That, and she has the most personality of any dog I’ve ever met. She hurdles between bodies and couches and tables like it’s the simplest thing in the world to be so graceful. She brings you presents (Jennie says she’s received many a dead bird and rodent from Millie in the past!) and loves to be the center of attention. I appreciated the dirty socks she laid at my feet as well as the ripped up toilet paper outside my door during my stay- made me feel so welcome!


Honorable Mentions:

The siblings- Atticus (sibling of Gambit), Lucy (sibling of Maggie), Lucy (sibling of Zoe). The youngest sibling is just usually the cutest you guys, I’m sorry! I loved you all too.

Dolores (dog of The Welbourns in Nashville)- I understand why you aren’t able to climb stairs, given the shape of your body. If you’d been able to get up into my room, we might have formed a stronger bond.