Lost and Found


by Edmund Pevensie in Greensboro


Have you ever been left behind?

Have you ever been out with your friends somewhere and suddenly you turn around and they’ve all left and you’re like wait you guys, I’m still here and then you realize they didn’t think to make sure you were with them and that makes you too sad to send a pathetic text like “where’d you guys go” so you just kind of sigh and stay where you are?

Me too.

I’m Edmund by the way. Yeah, from Chronicles of Narnia. But this is my Chronicle of Being Forgotten.

I got left at the Gallerani’s. They’re a nice family; their kid went to college with one of the Sisters or something.

So the Sisters do a show at the Gallerani’s. They go paddle-boarding on their lake because I guess here it’s not winter forever? And then they pack up the next day and peace out.

Oh, except me? I’m lying on the floor under an ottoman. 

I heard them saying their goodbyes and I’m screaming, “You guys! I’m on the floor! Edmund! YOU NEED ME!” But they can’t hear me. I’m a pal.

Hours go by. I’m lying there. What do I do? Text Mr. Tumnus? Press charges? Create a solo show? Become Edmund Gallerani? Will this family like me? Did the Sisters ever love me?

The Gallerani dog finds me first. And I’m like, “Yes! Amazing!” I assume he’s a guardian and savior that represents Jesus.

Turns out this dog has no relation to Aslan. They call him “Lucky.” Lucky for who? The dog licks me. So cold. He picks me up, in his TEETH. Dimitri and Kim Possible are probably at a Chick Fil A drive-thru and I am NEAR DEATH. The dog carries me away. Where are we going?!

He drops me. I fall down, down and land on the carpet. I look around. To my right, a bed. To my left, a wardrobe. Hmmmm.

I know better.

Hours pass. Finally, the Sister’s friend comes by. She’s really pretty. She sees me. For the first time in my life. I am seen. She bends down, her blonde hair brushes across my plastic robe. She holds me with a tenderness the Sisters have never once given me.


She carries me down and shows me to her mom who asks if I’m ok and would I like a snack? I ask if they have Turkish delights and they don’t but they give me Shakshouka instead. I like it.

We have the most amazing day together. We go paddle-boarding, I get just the right amount of tan, they feed me. I LOVE summer! I love it here, I’m one of them, born to be a Gallerani. A pal-lerani.

A knock at the door.


The Sisters stare through the window pane.


The Sister with the fake Birkenstocks snatches me out of my new mom’s hand.

“Thanks for taking care of our boy,” she coos.

Then, as soon as we’re outside: “If you pull that again, we’ll turn you to stone, Edmund. We’ll do it like they do it in Narnia.”

As we pull away from the best life I’ve ever known and I’m unable to run, unable to scream, unable to cry real tears…

I wonder if being turned to stone would really be all that different from being a pal.